Mamele, Mamele, deck mich zu

Grandpa Paul tells only me about his childhood – about the escape from Silesia, in today’s Poland. He wishes to have a key from his hometown, no matter which one, but it should be an old one. Arriving at my grandfather’s town of birth, I encounter rooms that only seem to resist opening.


It’s 10:35 p.m., the night shift at the University Hospital Zurich begins. We accompany a midwife who, in the intense and long nightly routine, always sensitively and empathically encounters a wide variety of life stories, mothers and babies. This cautious film shows the side of the midwife in this intimate moment and also portrays what the shift outside the birthing room looks like for her.

Der Zuhörer

They are the anonymous helpers in need: «The Helping Hand». With patience, they listen to the intimate thoughts and stories of the callers and stand by their side. The film accompanies a volunteer on his shift and shows the empathetic people on the other side of the phone, who always lend an ear.


«As long as you don’t make one for yourself!» That was the statement in my family when I told them I was making a film about tattoos. In this film I explore the negative attitude of my relatives towards tattoos.